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I’m Maritha, I Swedish photographer who just moved back to Sweden after have spent 10 years in Portugal. I now live in Skåne, Trelleborg, with my three boys.
One of them is my husband. A gentle, caring, generous man who easily makes me laugh so I pee a little bit.
My oldest son, the sensitive, smart and so caring 13 year old. He blows my mind every day with his jokes and reflections.
My youngest son, a curious, loud and clever 7 year old. He makes my hair grey, my heart full and sets the rules for the whole family.
Yes, these three means everything to me!

With the camera in my hand I feel like a superhero! To be able to document and help keeping memories. I’m full of love, emotions and humor and this will show in the pictures whether I photograph a small family at home or a big wedding.

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    Email: maritha@estvall.se
    Phone: (+46) 072 7469 549

    Jag utgår ifrån Trelleborg, Skåne, men kan såklart ta mig an fotouppdrag vart som helst i världen.